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Studio Pepperfry is A One-Of-Its-Kind Concept Store from is India's leading furniture and Home marketplace. The studio showcases a curated range of furniture from it's online portfolio. At the Studio, one can experience various types of solid wood furniture pieces with different finishes and polishes and get an idea of the overall quality of furniture from Pepperfry.

City & Location

Gr. Floor, Block – E 238 to 243A, Indirapuram Habitat Center, Plot -16, Ahinsa Khand Indirapuram , Ghaziabad, U.P- 201010

Wed - Mon: 11 AM to 8 PM Sat and Sun: 11 AM to 9 PM Tuesday: Closed

Explore Studio Pepperfry @ Ghaziabad, Indirapuram

Team @ Studio Ghaziabad, Indirapuram

Deepika Sainger Rehan

Deepika Sainger Rehan has done Interior designing from J.D institute of Fashion and Technology, Delhi. She holds 5+ years of work experience in designing and completion of residential projects from head to toe as independent Designer. She also has a passion for furniture designing and creating new minimalistic designs from different materials.

Devina Srivastava

Devina Srivastava has done interior designing from Meerabai Institute of Technology, Delhi. She has a total experience of 4 years which includes designing and furniture detailing. She is more into residential designing and love to explore more and more about new designs.

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Services @ Studio Pepperfry

We at Studio Pepperfry, work as a Design Studio to provide complete Interior Design Services to private individuals and property developers. The studio’s work also involves developing creative solutions like a custom mood board including suggested colour schemes, paint colours, furniture selections, accessory selections, lighting and other home décor items as well as a Floor Plan to visualize where and how the furniture pieces will be placed on the layout. We work towards making sure each of designs are unique suiting the client’s requirements.

Space Planning & Conceptualization

We are a team of highly qualified, experienced architects and interior designers who provide a complete range of solutions right from understanding the space,development of mood boards ,space-planning solutions to our customers

Selection of Furniture & Other home accessories

We help plan,place,conceptualise and play around with different furniture arrangements as per the the customer’s space with our furniture and home accessories selections on the basis of your layout and execute the layout according to your design brief and specifications. In short, we bring Designs to Life !

Guide for materials & specifications

There are many materials apart from our Furniture Pieces the customer may require help with,we help you creating the complete look & feel of the space, but our focus here is on the material and finish specifications that our Designer’s specify alongwith the Furniutre they suggest for the space

Buy Designer Furniture from Studio Pepperfry in Mumbai, India at Best Price

Everyone invests a lot on their dream home. Just buying a home does not make it livable, but designing it right is also important. You need to put together the right kind of furniture and decor in your home to make it appealing. Let Pepperfry make your home look like a furniture studio its huge variety of products right from a chair to a sofa set.

Wide Range of Designer Wooden Furniture Online from Studio Pepperfry

Choose from a plethora of items that we have in store for your like a solid wood folding chair in natural sheesham finish, solid wood dining chair in provincial teak finish, solid wood bed side table in provincial teak finish, six seater solid wood dining, solid wood dining chair in passion mahogany finish, solid wood chest of drawers in provincial teak, solid wood nest of two table, solid wood arm chair in natural sheesham finish, settee in multi-colour finish, king sized bed with two side tables in sheesham wood finish, cabinet in natural mango wood finish, three seater sofa in espresso walnut finish, study & laptop table in natural sheesham finish, console table in duel tone finish, single seater sofa in natural sheesham finish, large coffee tables in colonial maple finish, book shelf in natural mango wood finish and a sideboard in colonial maple finish. These things will make your home look beautiful and complete.

Shop for Wide Range of Designer Furniture & Renovate your Interiors Online at

If you are looking for an interior design studio in Bangalore or furniture design studio in Bangalore, stop looking for them all over town. Check out amazing home decorating items available on Studio Pepperfry. You can also avail discounts & offers on wide range of solid wood furniture, home decor, home furnishing, lamps & lighting, kitchen & dining, bath accessories, housekeeping, dining, bar accessories, hardware & electricals, Garden Products and kids Products, that suit your need. So go ahead now and take a good look at our online furniture shopping store. So go ahead now and take a good look at our online furniture shopping store.

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