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Services At Studio Pepperfry
Everything From Expert Guidance To Networking, Under One Roof

Space Planning & Conceptualization

Selection of Furniture & Home Accesories

Guide for Materials & Specifications

Inspire. Network.

We are a team of highly qualified, experienced architects and interior designers who provide a complete range of solutions right from understanding your space & requirements, to proposing functional and trendy concepts and moods.

Touch and Feel the handpicked pieces of furniture and accessories from our wide portfolio and experience the warmth of our woods and the richness of our fabrics. The variety looks we have showcased in the studios will inspire you to create one of your own!

We pride ourselves in offering only the best quality products to our customers. Our design experts will be happy to advice you on the various materials, finishes and colours and help you pick just the right one for your style and functional requirements.

Calling all Architects and Interior Designers! If you are looking for an amazing space to hang out at, do drop by. We've got all the amenities, a fantastic space to get inspired at, and walk-ins that are seeking expert help!

Power Pitches

Coffee Table Discussions

Leanback & Work

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