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Customer Obsession is paramount at Pepperfry, and you, our merchant partners, are the key contributors to providing a great customer experience to buyers on Pepperfry.com. In order to recognize your efforts and encourage you, Pepperfry is proud to announce the ‘Priority Merchant Program’, effective August 1, 2017.

What is the ‘Priority Merchant Program’?

Merchants recognized as ‘Priority Merchants’ are the ones who have consistently given great customer experience and maintained high sales volume on the site. They provide very high levels of buyer satisfaction as indicated by the feedback on the products sold on the website. Pepperfry is proud to recognize their contributions to its success and therefore extends certain benefits / privileges to such merchants.

The Priority Merchant Program membership is FREE to all qualified merchants. There is no provision for applying for this membership, Pepperfry automatically invites qualified merchants through an email.

Early Remittance Pay-Out
Customer Experience Support

The Priority Merchant will be eligible for exclusive discounts for selling their products on the website. These discounts in fee structures will be announced from time to time and all merchants enrolled to the program can avail the benefit of improved profitability by enjoying such discounts / promotions.

Pepperfry also offers, at its discretion an exclusive Early Remittance benefit for the sales conducted on Pepperfry.com only for ‘Priority Merchants’. Under the Early Remittance Program, the remittance is transferred to the bank account registered by the merchants on the Pepperfry website in the immediately following remittance cycle when the Pepperfry Logistics team / partner confirms pick-up of the item(s) from the merchant. This will mean that the pay-outs can happen much earlier and would not be dependent on the delivery confirmation from the customer.

All Priority Merchant members will get access to an exclusive phone support facility. Eligible members will automatically receive an email mentioning all details of the service. Priority members also enjoy the privilege of using a robust 500-City logistics support from Pepperfry. Merchants can use this network to not only send their products to Pepperfry warehouses but also ship out all their orders to customers to deliver a superior customer experience. Happy customers always mean more sales and more sales mean more profits!

Sales Turnover

The merchant partners should have clocked a confirmed order sales turnover of Rs. 10,000,000 for at least one month out of the last 6 months on Pepperfry.com


The merchant partner should be selling products exclusively only on Pepperfry.com. Merchant should not sell same / similar products on any other ecommerce site.


The merchant should be an active merchant on Pepperfry – should have sold products on Pepperfry at least once in the last 3 months and should have live listings on Pepperfry at all points of time


The merchant should have a product feedback rating of at least 92%+ for the sales conducted on Pepperfry.com in the past 5 months out of 6 months. In order to provide consistently great experience, merchant should only use the logistics support of Pepperfry.com for shipping all orders received on Pepperfry.com


The Priority Merchant Program eligibility is reviewed every month, members of the program must:

  • Adhere to Pepperfry values of honesty, discipline, customer obsession and mutual respect.
  • Maintain the minimum annual sales turnover as defined in the program eligibility criteria
  • Maintain an account in good financial standing
  • Comply with all other listings and marketplace policies as mentioned on the website or in mutual agreements.


  • Pepperfry may, at its sole discretion, review and modify the aforementioned criteria from time to time.
  • Pepperfry reserves its right to modify or withdraw, fully or partially, this privilege offered to any or all merchants without any notice.
  • Pepperfry also reserves the right to waive, fully or partially, the above mentioned Early Remittance criteria for certain merchants.
  • If a customer claims refund of an item for which you have already received the Early Remittance, and the customer’s claim is approved, the customer’s payment will be debited from your subsequent remittance cycle. If there are a number of such claims raised against your items, Early Remittance available to you may be withdrawn at the sole discretion of PepperFry.
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