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716 Options in brooms & mops

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Buy Mop Online & Achieve Amazingly Clean Floors

Brooms and mops are essential items when it comes to keeping your house clean at all times. Apart from giving off a rejuvenating and relaxing vibe, keeping your house floor in clean condition also keeps your family protected from many common diseases and infections. For keeping your home clean and sparkling, you absolutely need the best brooms and mops currently available in the market to make things easier for you. Choosing the right items can be a bit of a time consuming process, with the market being flooded with different kinds of products. That is why we at Pepperfry chose to make it easier with our comprehensive collection of brooms and easy mops like spin mops, steam mop, microfiber mop and wet mops at our online store - all at the same place. These products have a proven record for performance, durability and cost-effectiveness and can be great additions to your home cleaning arsenal any time.

Choose from a wide Variety of Brooms & Spin Mops at Pepperfry

At Pepperfry, we have a large collection of high quality floor cleaning spin mops and steam mops that you can use conveniently on a daily basis to take care of basic cleaning duties. These products are hardy and provide great daily cleaning performance when handled and maintained the right way. Our easy mop choices like spin mops, steam and wet mops make cleaning a breeze, with their long handles, twist motion to dispense absorbed fluids and easy cleaning and drying capability. Our magic mop products bring high levels of absorption to the table, enabling you to quickly clean major spills even from carpeted surfaces and wooden floor. These products are all meant to make cleaning easier and more fun. Browse our unbeatable range of housekeeping products such as laundry supplies, cleaning products, vaccum cleaners, organisers and dust bins at affordable price.

For basic dusting and cleaning, check out our large collection of brooms. The quality material and the ergonomic design make these products a pleasure to use, and you will never find yourself tiring while using these products. At Pepperfry, we are committed to providing the best floor cleaning mops and brooms for you to make adequate use of, and to keep your home fresh and clean always. Head on to our online store now to check out the widest range of products and get what you want at competitive prices.

Shop from Wide Range of Dust Brooms & Spin Mops at

Pepperfry is the leading name when it comes to housekeeping products in India. With over 10,000 products to offer, we have a wide collection of everything you'll ever need. We offer convenient payment methods such as Paypal, Mastercard, Visa and COD and also ensure that returning products is easy. We also offer free assembly and delivery as well. You can also avail discounts & offers on wide range of wooden furniture online, home decor, home furnishing products, bed & bath products, kitchenwares, home improvement, dining, bar accessories, hardware & electricals, Garden Products and kids Products only on

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