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Buy Luminous, Microtek & Sukam Inverters and UPS Online at Best Prices

What is the most needed thing at home? Surely, most people will suggest things like furnishings, cookware, or even cleaning items. However, what one usually does not realize is that the most important thing in a house is electricity. Be it for charging your phone, sitting under the cool breeze of a fan, or using the vacuum cleaner electricity is needed for just about everything. Tired of frequent power cuts in your locality or stuck with some important work only because you cannot use your computer for long hours of load shedding? Well here is the solution for you. The new generation of home inverters presently available in India can provide you with power supply for hours and allow you to use all your electrical appliances without any disruption. Gone are days when inverters for home could only supply enough power for a couple of lights and fans only and now you can by high performance Sukam inverter, Luminous and Microtek inverters that will also allow to use heavy appliances such as television, AC, washing machines and refrigerators during a power cut.Along with Sukam and Microtek you will also find apc, solar system and Luminous solar and sine wave inverters available in the Indian market.

Choose from some of the best inverters & UPS on Pepperfrys collection

In a country like India where power failure is frequent even in the major cities, inverters has turned out to become a must have appliance for every single household in the country. You can always prefer to buy inverters online at best prices from different brands such as Luminous, Sukam and Microtek. As these are technical products you need to have some technical knowledge to best buy inverters for your home. The batteries for inverters are a major factor to consider while buying these products and you need to make a decision considering your power consumption requirement. You can also run your computer with an inverter but you need a sine wave model for that purpose.At Pepperfry, we sell brands that make some of the best inverters for home and are specially created to work efficiently under load. The inverters are equipped with modern technology. Microtek inverter prices range from around INR 3,700 to INR 8,100 while Luminous inverter prices range from around INR 1,000 to INR 11,000. Pepperfry gives you a choice between solar inverters, sine wave inverters, and UPS inverter for home. You may also protect your hardware and electricals from damage due to power fluctuations by using power storage options like voltage stabilizers.

Shop from a Wide Range of Solar & Pure Sine Wave Inverters at Best Prices

Shop at India's leading online furniture store with the confidence that you won't get cheaper Inverters & UPS prices anywhere else. Get great deals on more than 50,000 products. Pepperfry provides you with a wonderful shopping experience. You may buy inverters online with ease and we will ship all your prepaid orders for free! As a part of our efforts to make shopping more convenient, we have made provisions for you to pay in a variety of ways including Internet banking, eWallet, RuPay, MasterCard, Visa, and more. You can also avail discounts & offers on wide range of furniture, lamps and lightings, home decor, furnishing products, kitchen products and accessories, housekeeping products, dining products for home and hardware and electricals only at our online furniture shopping store.

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