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Designing the perfect home is no easy matter. We understand the challenges, and our experts are here to help you every step of the way. Browse our catalog of inspirations below; lovingly curated for every need! If you need further guidance, reach out to us online or drop by our Studio Pepperfry located across India

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Cosmic Elegance

Retail Price: Rs. 1,17,217

Offer Price: Rs. 62,927

Rust Sunshine

Retail Price: Rs. 1,83,596

Offer Price: Rs. 1,03,983

The Maharaja style

Retail Price: Rs. 1,82,192

Offer Price: Rs. 1,12,942

Mixed Feeling 2

Retail Price: Rs. 2,52,241

Offer Price: Rs. 1,50,020

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Exotic Charisma

Retail Price: Rs. 3,16,768

Offer Price: Rs. 2,18,471

Ashy Sophestication

Retail Price: Rs. 1,54,613

Offer Price: Rs. 1,03,379

The Indigo romance:

Retail Price: Rs. 2,20,297

Offer Price: Rs. 1,05,766

Double Duty 2

Retail Price: Rs. 2,80,031

Offer Price: Rs. 1,74,632

Classic Royale

Retail Price: Rs. 3,89,213

Offer Price: Rs. 2,40,155


Retail Price: Rs. 2,16,684

Offer Price: Rs. 1,28,685

Amman’s Abode

Retail Price: Rs. 1,91,513

Offer Price: Rs. 1,06,376

Almond sand

Retail Price: Rs. 1,44,178

Offer Price: Rs. 92,459

Red Rustica

Retail Price: Rs. 2,25,374

Offer Price: Rs. 1,28,861

Floral Touch

Retail Price: Rs. 2,57,922

Offer Price: Rs. 1,70,819


Retail Price: Rs. 2,53,962

Offer Price: Rs. 1,54,452

Love in Paris

Retail Price: Rs. 3,55,526

Offer Price: Rs. 1,91,977

Rich Rouge

Retail Price: Rs. 1,67,446

Offer Price: Rs. 1,12,440


Retail Price: Rs. 1,68,338

Offer Price: Rs. 1,19,487

11 Park wood street

Retail Price: Rs. 1,63,092

Offer Price: Rs. 1,01,321

Blue Marine

Retail Price: Rs. 62,825

Offer Price: Rs. 38,867

Beige Primitive

Retail Price: Rs. 2,63,790

Offer Price: Rs. 1,77,278

Faddish Living

Retail Price: Rs. 2,66,706

Offer Price: Rs. 1,76,228

The Funky grey

Retail Price: Rs. 1,79,579

Offer Price: Rs. 1,10,755

Season of spring

Retail Price: Rs. 2,18,256

Offer Price: Rs. 1,45,723

The Maharaja style

Retail Price: Rs. 1,74,292

Offer Price: Rs. 1,07,272

The Mud Block

Retail Price: Rs. 2,11,766

Offer Price: Rs. 1,20,718

Rusty Living

Retail Price: Rs. 6,47,284

Offer Price: Rs. 3,60,664

Silver lining

Retail Price: Rs. 2,46,478

Offer Price: Rs. 1,56,706

Exuberant Living

Retail Price: Rs. 2,88,560

Offer Price: Rs. 1,79,520


Retail Price: Rs. 1,63,586

Offer Price: Rs. 1,01,208

Purple Prose

Retail Price: Rs. 1,69,322

Offer Price: Rs. 94,513

Eco home

Retail Price: Rs. 4,73,887

Offer Price: Rs. 2,99,147

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Customize Your Home Interiors

Furniture pieces are essentials in every household. They can vary in size and usability like a wooden wardrobe, chair, sofa etc. each serve a different purpose, but are equally important in providing efficiency and also increase the aesthetic appeal of your room. Now, imagine that you get to select from a wide variety of furniture sets for each of your living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room and kids room along with the style you’re looking for like contemporary, modern, eclectic, colonial, Indian ethnic and many more. Bespoke furniture is now available at Pepperfry.com where you can customize furniture pieces and accentuate the beauty of your home.To make things easier, you get to select a collection from anyone of our 'Design Gurus'. These Gurus are specialists in customizing and designing rooms with the appropriate furniture and there is a variety of collection to choose from. Designs by these Gurus are available for bedroom, living room, dining room, kid’s room and kitchen.

Shop for Bespoke Furniture Designs

Buy bespoke furniture online at Pepperfry.com and avail occasional discounts.Customize your living room furniture with the most amazing furniture sets. Make your guests drool over your house and be the star of your neighborhood by grabbing these remarkable furniture pieces at our online store. Shopping at Pepperfry.com is easy; the interface is designed for users to have a pleasant shopping experience. Choose from over 40,000 products with a click of a button. Always be greeted with relevant results, all thanks to our ‘Search’ box. All the products are available in various shapes, sizes and textures. Payment modes are convenient and shipping is swift. So, what are you waiting for? Log on to Pepperfry.com today!

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