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Champion Lighting Inverter 45VA (CFL & LED Light)

Retail Price: Rs.2,500

Offer Price Rs.1,588
YOU SAVE Rs.912, 36% OFF Be Free From MRP
Luminous 700 KVA EECO WATT Inverter

Retail Price: Rs.6,240

Offer Price Rs.3,626
YOU SAVE Rs.2,614, 42% OFF Be Free From MRP
SU-KAM 650 VA Shark UPS

Retail Price: Rs.6,490

Offer Price Rs.3,629
YOU SAVE Rs.2,861, 44% OFF Be Free From MRP
Champion Solar Home Power 5W

Retail Price: Rs.5,000

Offer Price Rs.3,830
YOU SAVE Rs.1,170, 23% OFF Be Free From MRP
Champion UPS 1200VA (Home & Office)

Retail Price: Rs.5,200

Offer Price Rs.4,390
YOU SAVE Rs.810, 16% OFF Be Free From MRP
Microtek UPS DG 900 (12V)

Retail Price: Rs.7,990

Offer Price Rs.4,955
YOU SAVE Rs.3,035, 38% OFF Be Free From MRP
Microtek UPS SEBZ 900 VA Inverter

Retail Price: Rs.7,690

Offer Price Rs.5,284
YOU SAVE Rs.2,406, 31% OFF Be Free From MRP
SU-KAM 850 SHINY (Sine Wave)

Retail Price: Rs.7,490

Offer Price Rs.5,340
YOU SAVE Rs.2,150, 29% OFF Be Free From MRP
Champion Line Interactive UPS 800LB (External Battery)

Retail Price: Rs.10,000

Offer Price Rs.6,467
YOU SAVE Rs.3,533, 35% OFF Be Free From MRP
SU-KAM 1500 VA Shiny (Sine Wave)

Retail Price: Rs.9,990

Offer Price Rs.7,485
YOU SAVE Rs.2,505, 25% OFF Be Free From MRP
Microtek UPS SEBZ 1500 VA Inverter

Retail Price: Rs.9,790

Offer Price Rs.7,682
YOU SAVE Rs.2,108, 22% OFF Be Free From MRP
Champion Line Interactive UPS 1000LB (External Battery)

Retail Price: Rs.15,000

Offer Price Rs.9,947
YOU SAVE Rs.5,053, 34% OFF Be Free From MRP
Champion Line Interactive UPS 1500LB (External Battery)

Retail Price: Rs.20,000

Offer Price Rs.13,081
YOU SAVE Rs.6,919, 35% OFF Be Free From MRP
Champion Line Interactive UPS 3000LB (External Battery)

Retail Price: Rs.35,000

Offer Price Rs.22,784
YOU SAVE Rs.12,216, 35% OFF Be Free From MRP

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Cata Delonghi
Carysil Eureka forbes
LG Pure it
Glen kent
Usha Bajaj
Philips Panasonic

Buy Inverters and UPS Online

Tired of frequent power cuts in your locality or stuck with some important work only because you cannot use your computer for long hours of load shedding? Well here is the solution for you. The new generation of home inverters presently available in India can provide you with power supply for hours and allow you to use all your electrical appliances without any disruption. Gone are days when inverters for home could only supply enough power for a couple of lights and fans only and now you can by high performance Sukam inverters or Microtek inverters that will also allow to use heavy appliances such as television, AC, washing machines and refrigerators during a power cut.

Along with Sukam and Microtek you will also find apc, solar system and Luminous inverters available in the Indian market. in a country like India where power failure is frequent even in the major cities, inverters has turned out to become a must have appliance for every single household in the country. You can always prefer to buy inverters online for you can hardly find all different models from all the companies available in your local market. As these are technical products you need to have some technical knowledge to best buy inverters for your home. The batteries for inverters are a major factor to consider while buying these products and you need to make a decision considering your power consumption requirement. You can also run your computer with an inverter but you need a sine wave model for that purpose.

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